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Welcome to the Lime Venue Portfolio Venue Login Portal. Here you can manage how your venues listing appears on

You're in control! It's your listing and your venue! Who knows it better than you? At LVP we're investing lots of time and money in optimising our site to drive more and more relevant customers and enquiries to your venues. To ensure that we encourage customers to contact our central team or your venue directly, it's important that your profile is up to date and if customers can't find the information they need, or your venue doesn't look great - you will miss out on potential enquiries.

Why are there two logins?

The Lime Venue Portfolio website is built on the Venue Directory API (Application Programming Interface). This is simply a feed of data from Venue Directory into the Lime Venue Portfolio website. This means that when you add information to your Venue Directory, such as a venue descriptions, room information and day delegate packages, these are automatically pulled onto your venue listing! This information is also pulled into the Lime Venue Portfolio enquiry portal - GRATIS (Also a Venue Directory product)

You have a separate login for Lime Venue Portfolio as some content functionality was not possible through the API - such as the ability to add Charity and Association Packages, FAQs and more. This also means that we can add content and develop the website to suit your needs. So, if you want different functionality or to be able to add new content, just let us know and we'll look into it.

Log into Lime Venue Portfolio
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Login to Lime Venue Portfolio to:

  • Upload PDF's
    • Menu's
    • Floor Plans
    • Brochures
    • Seasonal Flyers
  • Add a promotional video to your homepage
  • Enable/Disable Information Tabs
    • Rates - DDR Packages Tab
    • Christmas Packages Tab
    • Offers Tab
    • Showcase Events Tab
  • Edit Seasonal Package Information
  • Edit General Information tab
  • Edit Wedding Package Information (COMING SOON!)
  • Edit Charity Packages
  • Edit Association Packages
  • Edit Venue FAQs

Log into Venue Directory
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Login into Venue Directory to:

  • Manage Basic Venue Information
    • Overview Descriptions
    • Room Information - Descriptions | Capacities | Images
    • Location Details
    • Upload Images
    • Your Website link
  •  Upload New Offers/Packages
    • Special Offers
    • Summer Party Packages
    • Christmas Packages
  • Manage Small Meetings Booking tool and availability


Got a Question?:

If you have any questions, please try watching the How To Video's below. If you still have problems please email 


THE LVP BLOG: If you've got some great news, a new menu, a new space, a celebrity guest, case study or press release share it with us and we'll post it to our blog.

VENUE SHOWCASES: Hosting an open day? FAM Trip? Educational Day? One of our most popular pages is our Venue Showcase page. Promote your event on our Venue Showcase page to help event professionals know about and apply to attend your event. Email your showcase information and accompanying image to Please copy the format as per the following example.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Follow @AHintOfLimeVP on Twitter, Like, Share, Repeat!

LINK TO US: The more of our venues whose websites link to ours the better! It helps with our SEO which of course is all about driving enquiries to your venue.

ADD YOUR OFFERS: Our content is only as good as your content! Make sure you have offers and promotions live on our site and we will share then via our campaigns, eshots, Central Sales Team, National Sales Team, Key Accounts, social channels and more! That's a whole lot of reach - So what are you waiting for!?





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You may find the below icons useful when carrying out certain tasks. Simply right click the icon and "Save Image As". Save it on your computer. Then log into the LVP Website and upload it to your Media Library. 


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