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Working in the events industry is a lot of fun, but with the Christmas period one of the busiest times for events of all kinds, in all shapes and sizes, it can be hard to ensure the festive season really feels like a holiday.

To try and assist our #eventprofs in experiencing true relaxation this Christmas, we’ve put together a list of suggestions to help you unwind. In no particular order…


Catch some Z’s
Don’t set an alarm and enjoy a lie in if you can. Catching up on some much needed sleep can work miracles! Or if you like rising with the lark, you can always fit in a power nap in the afternoon to keep you going until the evening.  According to, the best time of day to take nap is between 2:00pm and 3:00pm. You’ll feel rejuvenated in no time… zzz!


Take a break
As event professionals, we’re usually stuck behind a screen or three, whether planning an event or tweeting about one we’re attending. Try and minimise your screen time at home and take a breather from social media if you have enough self-control! Turning your phone off for a few hours is a good way to properly switch off and chill out.


Read a good book

Ok, so we suggested less screen time but we will let you off if you own an e-reader of some kind, otherwise, take a trip to your local book store or library to get inspired and find yourself a good read. Setting aside even 10 minutes before you settle down to sleep can help you relax, and sometimes get you yawning! If you aren’t the book type, why not listen to a podcast before bed? iPads and tablets usually offer free downloads of some classic novels.

Read a book in order to relax

Mulled wine or not?

We’re not suggesting this is all that you drink during December, but it’s surprisingly easy to make a homemade concoction that can help you ease into ’relax-mode’. There are also a number of recipes online, and there are even websites that provide recipes that are alcohol free, so you can enjoy the festive flavours either way. But whatever your favourite tipple may be, moderation is key.

We already know that exercise releases endorphins, but it also burns calories meaning you can go home and eat that second mince pie, right? Whether you interpret this as a walk with the dog on Christmas morning or a full blown work out at the gym, exercising over the holidays can help relieve stress and clear your mind. It can be a social activity too, as you can attend classes with friends. If we’re lucky enough to get any snowfall this Christmas, pulling the youngsters along on a sledge can also class as a workout, and being outdoors is proven to have a positive impact upon mental health too, perhaps more so than indoor activity, as an Environmental Science & Technology 2011 study explored.

Pamper Yourself

Throw yourself a spa day. Who doesn’t enjoy a facemask or a manicure? You can always make it a social event and invite some friends, with everyone bringing a different lotion or potion. Eye masks, fluffy towels and hot chocolate at the ready! 

Hot chocolate

Spend time with family and friends
Spending time with loved ones who make you laugh and smile helps you to relax and forget about work. Ensure you spend some quality time with your nearest and dearest and you will appreciate your time off, no matter how limited. Think charades, board games and Christmas movies that you can recite off by heart – all the good Christmas stuff!

Get cooking!
There’s no denying that Christmas is all about the food, so make sure you enjoy it, particularly on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. But don’t let the “I’ll just have one more” last the entire week as you may regret it come 1st January. You can always get the family involved by baking gingerbread men or shortbread biscuits. Kids can be involved with cookie cutting and be in charge of icing duties and family can be sent away with goodie bags to help make a dent in the leftovers.

Christmas baking

Do nothing.
Try to ensure you have at least one day during your holidays where you have no plans. Many of us create a busy schedule for ourselves, worrying that we that we may not have time to see Auntie so-and-so (or because we don’t want to see Auntie so-and-so!) and end up without much real ‘down time’. Block one day out for some ‘me’ time and stick to it. Did someone say #duvetday?

Fun, fun, fun!

Whatever your interpretation, be it board games, baking, hiking, partying, karaoke or brunch, ensure you have a date in the diary to do something fun. Across the UK there are different takes on mini golf (where you can booze your way around the course), various Christmas markets or pop-up events. Call it market research if it makes you feel better!

We know there are some workaholics that just can’t help themselves from logging on over Christmas, so if you simply can’t resist switching on the work laptop, try and set yourself a time limit. If you set a restricted amount of to get things done you might be more productive, and it means that family can’t nag too much if you’re ‘back in the room’ within the hour. And sometimes getting that bit of work done allows you to properly relax, which is what this article is all about!


So make the most of the opportunity to relax over Christmas and once you’re feeling rejuvenated, our portfolio of unique and unusual venues will still be here in January ready to take on your New Year’s bookings.

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